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2010A Key Role of the Basal Ganglia in Pain and Analgesia - Insights Gained Through Human Functional ImagingUpadhyay, Jaymin; Chudler, Eric H; Borsook, David; Becerra, Lino Renan
2012An Approach to Localizing Corneal Pain Representation in Human Primary Somatosensory CortexMoulton, Eric Alan; Becerra, Lino Renan; Rosenthal, Perry; Borsook, David
2008Colocalized Structural and Functional Changes in the Cortex of Patients with Trigeminal Neuropathic PainDaSilva, Alexandre F.; Pendse, Gautam; Chizh, Boris; Tully, Shannon; Becerra, Lino Renan; Borsook, David
2007Comparison of Evoked vs. Spontaneous Tics in a Patient with Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Doloureux)Pendse, Gautam; Morris, Susie; Aiello-Lammens, Matthew; Scrivani, Steven; Borsook, David; Moulton, Eric Alan; Cole, Sadie Hannah; Becerra, Lino Renan
2009Diffuse Optical Tomography Activation in the Somatosensory Cortex: Specific Activation by Painful vs. Non-Painful Thermal StimuliGrant, Margaret; Becerra, Lino Renan; Harris, William Hamilton; George, Edward E.; Boas, David A.; Borsook, David
2009Excitatory Neurotransmitters in Brain Regions in Interictal Migraine PatientsPrescot, Andrew; Pendse, Gautam; Tully, Shannon; Jensen, Eric; Hargreaves, Richard; Becerra, Lino Renan; Renshaw, Perry Franklin; Burstein, Rami; Borsook, David
2008Interictal dysfunction of a brainstem descending modulatory center in migraine patientsTully, Shannon; Hargreaves, Richard; Matsunami, Hiroaki; Moulton, Eric Alan; Burstein, Rami; Becerra, Lino Renan; Borsook, David
2013Pain Facilitation Brain Regions Activated by Nalbuphine Are Revealed by Pharmacological fMRIGear, Robert; Upadhyay, Jaymin; Wallin, Diana; Pendse, Gautam; Becerra, Lino Renan; Bishop, James; Levine, Jon; Borsook, David
2012Yohimbine-Induced Amygdala Activation in Pathological Gamblers: A Pilot StudyTschibelu, Evelyne; Elman, Igor; Becerra, Lino Renan; Yamamoto, Rinah Tikvah; George, Edward E.; Borsook, David