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2011Antimicrobial and Efflux Pump Inhibitory Activity of Caffeoylquinic Acids from Artemisia absinthium Against Gram-Positive Pathogenic BacteriaFiamegos, Yiannis C.; Kastritis, Panagiotis L.; Exarchou, Vassiliki; Han, Haley; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J.; Vervoort, Jacques; Lewis, Kim; Hamblin, Michael; Tegos, George
2012Concepts and Principles of Photodynamic Therapy as an Alternative Antifungal Discovery PlatformFuchs, Beth B.; Prates, Renato A.; Astrakas, Christos; St. Denis, Tyler G.; Ribeiro, Martha S.; Dai, Tianhong; Coleman, Jeffrey James; Mylonakis, Eleftherios; Hamblin, Michael; Tegos, George
2012Gram-Negative Bacterial Infection in Thigh Abscess Can Migrate to Distant Burn Depending on Burn DepthHamrahi, Victoria; Jung, Walter; Benjamin, John B.; Paul, Kasie W.; Fischman, Alan J.; Hamblin, Michael; Tompkins, Ronald Gary; Carter, Edward Albert
2012Human Platelet-Rich Plasma- and Extracellular Matrix-Derived Peptides Promote Impaired Cutaneous Wound Healing In VivoWolf, Lindsey; Deckenback, Jeffry; Herman, Ira M.; Demidova-Rice, Tatiana; Hamblin, Michael
2007Involvement of Skeletal Muscle Gene Regulatory Network in Susceptibility to Wound Infection Following TraumaApidianakis, Yiorgos; Mindrinos, Michael N.; Xiao, Wenzhong; Tegos, George; Papisov, Mikhail Ivanovich; Hamblin, Michael; Davis, Ronald W.; Tompkins, Ronald Gary; Rahme, Laurence G.
2015Low-level light in combination with metabolic modulators for effective therapy of injured brainDong, Tingting; Zhang, Qi; Hamblin, Michael; Wu, Mel
2013Microbial Efflux Systems and Inhibitors: Approaches to Drug Discovery and the Challenge of Clinical ImplementationKourtesi, Christina; Ball, Anthony R; Huang, Ying-Ying; Jachak, Sanjay M; Vera, D Mariano A; Khondkar, Proma; Gibbons, Simon; Hamblin, Michael; Tegos, George
2013Photodynamic and Antibiotic Therapy Impair the Pathogenesis of Enterococcus faecium in a Whole Animal Insect ModelChibebe, José, Jr.; Fuchs, Beth B.; Sabino, Caetano P.; Junqueira, Juliana C.; Jorge, Antonio O. C.; Ribeiro, Martha S.; Rice, Louis B.; Gilmore, Michael S.; Tegos, George; Hamblin, Michael; Mylonakis, Eleftherios
2012Photodynamic Therapy Can Induce a Protective Innate Immune Response against Murine Bacterial Arthritis via Neutrophil AccumulationTanaka, Masamitsu; Morimoto, Yuji; Kinoshita, Manabu; Yoshihara, Yasuo; Nemoto, Koichi; Shinomiya, Nariyoshi; Seki, Suhji; Mroz, Pawel A.; Dai, Tianhong; Huang, Liyi; Hamblin, Michael
2010Photodynamic Therapy of Tumors Can Lead to Development of Systemic Antigen-Specific Immune ResponseSzokalska, Angelika; Mroz, Pawel A.; Wu, Mei X.; Hamblin, Michael
2009Psychological Benefits 2 and 4 weeks After a Single Treatment with Near Infrared Light to the Forehead: A Pilot Study of 10 Patients with Major Depression and AnxietyJohnston, Andrea L; Schiffer, Fredric; Ravichandran, Caitlin Thomas; Polcari, Ann; Teicher, Martin Hersch; Webb, Robert H.; Hamblin, Michael
2013Transcranial Low-Level Laser Therapy Improves Neurological Performance in Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice: Effect of Treatment Repetition RegimenXuan, Weijun; Huang, Liyi; Wu, Qiuhe; Xuan, Yi; Ando, Takahiro; Xu, Tao; Vatansever, Fatma; Dai, Tianhong; Hamblin, Michael; Huang, Yingying