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2003Barriers to Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose Among Adults with Diabetes in an HMO: A Cross Sectional StudyAdams, Alyce S; Mah, Connie; Barton, Mary B; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Zhang, Fang; Ross-Degnan, Dennis
1983Improving Drug-Therapy Decisions through Educational OutreachAvorn, Jerry Lewis; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram
2008Interventions designed to improve the quality and efficiency of medication use in managed care: A critical review of the literature – 2001–2007Pearson, Sallie-Anne; Lu, Christine Y.; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram
2001Measuring Access to Effective Care Among Elderly Medicare Enrollees in Managed and Fee-for-Service Care: A Retrospective Cohort StudyBarton, Mary B; Dayhoff, Debra A; Rosenbach, Margo L; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Fletcher, Robert H.
1987Payment Restrictions for Prescription Drugs under MedicaidSoumerai, Stephen Bertram; Avorn, Jerry Lewis; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Gortmaker, Steven L.
1988Psychoactive Medication Use in Intermediate-Care Facility ResidentsBeers, Mark; Avorn, Jerry Lewis; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Everitt, Daniel E.; Sherman, David S.; Salem, Susanne
2009Racial differences in long-term adherence to oral antidiabetic drug therapy: a longitudinal cohort studyAdams, Alyce S; Piette, John D; Trinacty, Connie Mah; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Zhang, Fang; Meigs, James Benjamin; Ross-Degnan, Dennis
1988Reduction of Incorrect Antibiotic Dosing Through a Structured Educational Order FormAvorn, Jerry Lewis; Soumerai, Stephen Bertram; Taylor, William David; Wessels, Michael Robert; Janousek, Jerome; Weiner, Malcolm